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Finally, unless fiduciary duty claims against officers can be successfully fashioned as direct claims, they likely must be brought as derivative actions.  As such, they face daunting procedural hurdles, including the need to successfully plead demand futility or, short of that, actually make a demand on the board of directors.  Once demand is made, the decision of an independent board (or committee) is given Business Judgment Rule deference. That is a very high hurdle for any plaintiff to clear.

Founded in March 2004 by a group of soldiers who served in Hebron, Breaking the Silence has since acquired a special standing in the eyes of the Israeli public and in the media, as it is unique in giving voice to the experience of soldiers. To date, the organization has collected  testimonies from over a 1,000 soldiers who represent all strata of Israeli society and cover nearly all units that operate in the Territories. All the testimonies we publish are meticulously researched, and all facts are cross-checked with additional eye-witnesses and/or the archives of other human rights organizations also active in the field. Every soldier who gives a testimony to Breaking the Silence knows the aims of the organization and the interview. Most soldiers choose to remain anonymous, due to various pressures from official military persons and society at large. Our first priority is to the soldiers who choose to testify to the public about their service.

Breaking the Silence

Histories of Lives are seldom entertaining, unless they contain something either admirable or exemplar: And since there is little or nothing of this Nature in my own Adventures, I will not tire your Readers with tedious Particulars of no Consequence, but will briefly, and in as few Words as possible, relate the most material Occurrences of my Life, and according to my Promise, confine all to this Letter.

All three films were telecast on Doordarshan or NDTV 24X7 and have been praised for their humanistic approach.

Our fractured intellect, once perfectly in control, is now a chaotic storm of thoughts, feelings and emotions—like a restless cloud of gnats on a hot summer night. Calming this spiritual and emotional storm is incredibly difficult, and the only way to achieve it is to face it head on. This we can only do when we are quiet enough to hear just how chaotic our souls really are. Indeed, this can be frightening, and we’d rather not do it—but doing so is absolutely essential for spiritual progress.

Whether you are a singer or music artist you have to assure that your audio has been recorded in the best quality so your audience can enjoy it. Most of …

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